Friday, March 8, 2013

Tarot Counseling by Lynda

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Lynda specializes in questions regarding: life decisions, emotional difficulties, relationship issues, healing and transformation options, career/money/business concerns, spiritual growth, personal growth, exploring and changing old beliefs, metaphysical challenges, higher consciousness choices, goals creation, and much more.

Affordable Tarot counseling in-person in Boulder, CO or via telephone by advance appointment only.

Contact Lynda for fee information.

Tarot counseling with Lynda is unique because she brings to every session:
     35+ years of experience reading and studying the mystical Tarot;
     Empathic, clairsentient, intuitive/psychic abilities;
     Education, training and experience as a counselor, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and personal coach;
     Experience and knowledge of a diverse range of nontraditional and traditional spiritual paths;
     Her own metaphysical journey;
     Understanding of higher consciousness principles;
     A common sense, down-to-earth approach.

Her sessions are a wonderful blending of therapy and magic.

"I believe the future holds multiple possibilities, determined by your choices and patterns. The Tarot is a wonderful tool for discovering yourself, understanding your options, and setting your course in the best direction." -- Lynda Hilburn

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Intro to Tarot, private location. First section: Major Arcana, 8, 2-hour classes. We will discuss the background of the Tarot, delve into each of the 22 MA cards, and practice giving readings to each other. $20 per class ($160) payable in advance. Minor Arcana classes to follow.

Self-Exploration and Healing Through Tarot, private location. We will combine in-depth study of each card with guided hypnotherapy, focusing on utilizing the cards to assist self and others. These intensive classes will explore the traditional meanings of the cards, the archetypal/metaphorical/psychological interpretations and each participant's intuitive/psychic understanding. Recommended for counselors/psychotherapists who want to use the cards therapeutically, as well as anyone who wants to know her/himself. First section: Major Arcana, 22 weeks. Ask about fees, dates, etc.

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